Lisa Myers
Dowsing for Woo - in collaboration with Alana Bartol during the Food, Water, Life residency at the Banff Centre February 14, 2015Shore Lunch (part 2 - Landing on Water)Noise Cooking
A collaboration between Autumn Chacon and Lisa MyersGatheringAll Purpose
Collaboration between Sean Martindale, Yvan Mckinnon and Lisa MyersAll Purpose
A collaboration between Sean Martindale, Yvan Mckinnon and Lisa Myers."Best Before" opening reception food.Strawberry Shortcake - we love you Ontario strawberriesFeast Event - January 16 - gingersnaps, chocolate shortbread, rosemary shortbread. Sandwiches and potato salad - 
Feast event June 15Feast Event, January 16th - Cauliflower and chickpea stew, basmati rice, roasted root vegetables.Food Matters - after the opening

photo documentation by Jordan MacInnisFood Matters - full of food
Food and Collaborations
Snacks and meals relate thematically to art events and performance that uses food.

Food stands out as a performative material, an entity and it can be medicine and a nurturer. Food represents so many things in terms of our experience in a grocery store it represents a commodity chain and marketing but also brings people together and functions as an offering, an expression of love, and a feeding of more than the physical body.