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Strainer #1 and Strainer #2
Strainer #1 and Strainer #2
quarter sawn white oak, brass screws, woodstove ashes

This is an installation view from the exhibition I continue to shape curated by cheyanne turions at Justina Barnicke Gallery at the University of Toronto.

My interest in porous materials led me into the direction of creating these wooden sculptures in the summer of 2018.

These vessels Strainer #1 and #2 made from quarter-sawn oak, as I wanted to use wood that is used in boat building. Although built quite tightly, this vessel is not watertight and acts as a strainer, to make it watertight it would need to soak in water. Therefore the wood needs water to eventually resist water. I exhibited with work filled with ashes from my woodstove. The ashes convey dryness and also left lines on the display surface at they strained through the wooded sculpture.